Writing a motivational letter to a teenager

I share a portion of this letter as an encouragement for other families and specifically young men.

Writing a motivational letter to a teenager

I'm so glad you stepped into my little corner of the web. Be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed so you don't miss anything! Now on to the important stuff My little guy turned 6 yesterday.

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The chubby fingers and baby-speak are giving way to a growing, conquering hero. It rings just as true today maybe more so than it did then. We saw you at the park today…shooting hoops and hanging out with your friends.

Do they still call it that? You seemed to be more focused on the girls at the picnic tables pretending not to notice you. I remember how it was to be young and completely self-absorbed. I remember being entirely focused on my life and my world, concerned only with my friends and the right then and there.

If you had noticed us, you might have seen the pair of big, green eyes watching in awe as you made that killer dunk. Those eyes belong to my son.

He wants to be you someday. He wants to be free and independent, to reach the monkey bars without a boost.

But I know the day will come too quickly when he will nail a lay-up as good as yours, maybe even better. And some day it will be him and his friends shooting hoops for adoring girls on the sidelines.

When that day comes, I pray my boy-man has the courage to be different.

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I hope he speaks up and tells his friends that sprinkling your conversation liberally with expletives does not make one a man. I pray he respects his body and the law enough to resist the temptation of alcohol and tobacco, which apparently still has some appeal despite all the negative medical findings.

I am grateful he has examples of men who run hard after God and work hard serving their families and others. I pray someone will step in and teach you what real manhood looks like.

Not just for your sake, but for your son, also. Maybe you could be a little less concerned with impressing the girls and, instead, notice an adoring five-year-old gazing in wide-eyed wonder at your amateur basketball skills.

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So this month, we are launching a new Pinterest board we hope you all will enjoy: Letter Writing to Teens. It’s filled with inspiration and ideas on how to write letters to teenagers.

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writing a motivational letter to a teenager

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Tweet. Dear Daughter, You are a wonderful person and your mother and I think the world of you. It will not be long before you leave home to make your way.

writing a motivational letter to a teenager

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