Wanting a morning speech in school about the discipline

These days technology makes it possible for youth to reach through both space and time to harass or bully classmates, regardless of physical location. For example, a group of kids could each be sitting in their own homes on a Saturday night, using their computers to contribute to a website or MySpace or Facebook social-networking page that demeans, harasses, defames, or impersonates a fellow student.

Wanting a morning speech in school about the discipline

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Share via Email Why discipline matters Every day around 50, pupils miss school without permission. Bad behaviour disrupts education at one in twelve secondary schools, according to Ofsted.

And four out of five secondary pupils say some of their classmates regularly try to disrupt lessons. The mission of this government is to raise educational standards. Attendance and good behaviour are preconditions for effective learning. Tackling poor behaviour is as much part of improving pupil performance as good teaching.

There are two other reasons why we must tackle the behaviour problem.

Wanting a morning speech in school about the discipline

First, education is about values as well as knowledge and skills. Values such as respect, courtesy and consideration are the foundations of a civilized society.

That includes respect for others and respect for authority. Heads, teachers and other school staff deserve respect. There can never be any justification for subjecting them to assault - verbal or physical. Residents living near schools and older people in particular also deserve respect - they should not have to put up with being jostled or abused while waiting for a bus, walking near their home or shopping at the local store.

And in case anyone thinks that sounds a bit old fashioned or authoritarian then just reflect on this fact. Forty five per cent of teachers leaving the profession cited behaviour as one of the main reasons for doing so.

They are highlighting a lack of respect in too many of our schools. It is time to restore respect for authority to its rightful place. That in turn must mean a sustained drive to strengthen school discipline.

Second, we know that if we do not address behaviour problems early on then both the children themselves and society at large suffer.

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Half our children are now getting five or more good GCSEs. And a survey from the Youth Justice Board published earlier this year reported that two thirds of truants and excludees said they had committed a criminal offence. Children need clear boundaries: We cannot abdicate our responsibility when children move outside those boundaries.

To do that is to betray children, because the consequences of bad behaviour are so damaging. Of course we must keep a sense of proportion. I know from visiting schools that most pupils attend regularly and behave well. But that is all the more reason why we owe it to pupils, parents and teachers alike to deal with those who do truant or who are ill-disciplined.

Strong leadership by head teachers and schools can make a huge difference. What some schools have achieved is a model for others to follow. But we cannot leave it all to schools. Heads need action and support from parents, governors and local authorities.

We must challenge cultural acceptance of bad behaviour and truancy.

Wanting a morning speech in school about the discipline

And the government too has a duty to take the lead with a coherent and sustained programme of measures. Our measures must deal with attendance as well as with behaviour in schools.

They must promote early intervention, which means helping primary schools as well as secondary schools.Good morning /afternoon _____ my name is _____I stand here before you to discuss the reason why I want to be part of the leadership team and hopefully become school .

Some say that school uniforms represent discipline and obedience while others say not wearing uniforms takes away from the children’s creativity and individuality. Not only does wearing uniforms teach obedience and discipline it also helps students to focus and have better grades and .

When schools can discipline off-campus behavior. Posted on February 25, “But they don’t have the authority to respond to every- thing else or seek to impose moral values or respond to speech contrary to the school’s mission.” but I do know a lot of administrators who wake up every morning wanting to make sure this is a safe.

Jul 23,  · 6. New Ideas for Morning Assembly School assemblies are the foundation of school’s ethics and culture. It symbolizes the value of the students and the staff of the school. Here are some ideas for a morning assembly in schools: Regular Yoga activities. Meditation for 5 minutes in small groups.

Student presentation or news reading; . Good morning and welcome, and thank you, Tania [Sidney-Roberts, principal of the Free School, Norwich], for that introduction. I have to say that listening to you this morning has been completely. But, if you start small, and build, you won’t be wondering how you can discipline yourself any longer, since you’ll embody the particular habits that promote self discipline in life.

1- Gratitude We spend far too much time wanting things.

Going back to school means the relaxed, lazy days of summer are about to give way to packed schedules, homework, after-school activities, and -- toughest of all -- waking the kids up early. Broward County student Kenneth Preston addresses the Broward County School Board about the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, saying that a systematic failure put students in danger. used to school discipline and to acquire knowledge relevant for school at the earliest age possible, as is the case in the Cameroons. For most children in the South childhood is a period of quickly growing into.
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