Therapeutic presence essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. This presence is sometimes viewed as a compulsory task for nurses.

Therapeutic presence essay

The Presence Of The Nurse | Essay Example

Who Benefits from Art Therapy? Art therapy sets itself apart as a means of therapy by utilizing the creative process of art and having a low barrier to entry anyone can be creative in some form or another.

Art therapy can be especially beneficial to children as younger people are usually less capable and less comfortable expressing themselves via words. While art therapy can benefit children greatly, it can also be very helpful to adults. Really, anyone can benefit from art therapy.


Read about some of these art therapy ideas and activities if you need some help getting started. Art Therapy Benefits For The Average Person By expressing yourself through art, an art therapist can help you see things about yourself that you otherwise may not have comprehended.

Art therapists can help you process emotions and feelings that you are struggling with, so you can begin healing.

Therapeutic presence essay

Since art therapists are trained in the arts and, obviously, in therapy, they are capable of guiding you through the process of creative expression. It is this idea of self-exploration that can often lead a person to some insightful conclusions about themselves.

If you go into art as therapy and learn about the basic concepts and ideas that it represents, then you can learn a lot about yourself through your own isolated creative expression. Art therapy can help improve various mental and pysical symptoms including, but not limited to, reducing pain, anxiety, and tension.

It can be beneficial to those who have mental disorders, severe or light emotional abuse, cancer, post traumatic stress disorders PTSDpeople who are bipolar, and a variety of other serious ailments.

The benefits of art therapy in these types of situations can help with people that are withdrawn or shy, or who, for some reason or another, have a difficult time functioning within social situations.

Basically, the benefits of art therapy can be quite broad. It can improve lives by helping people improve their mental, emotional, and even physical states.

Either way, the benefits of art therapy make it worth exploring as a catalyst for healing.Consequently the presence of theory practice gap affects “the Patient’s satisfaction and was reported as the most important predictor of the overall satisfaction in hospital care and this is a very important goal to reflect on health organization care ” (Mrayyan, ).

The paths of David Olère, Ella Liebermann-Shiber and Max Bueno de Mesquita were not meant to cross. Liebermann-Shiber was born in Berlin, Olère was an immigrant from Warsaw who lived in Paris and Bueno de Mesquita, born in Amsterdam, lived and painted in his natural Dutch surroundings.

Therapeutic Presence 72 Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapies, Volume 1, Issues 1&2 Presence has been described as one of the most therapeutic gifts a therapist can offer a client.

The Presence Of The Nurse | Essay Example

To be fully present and fully human with another person has been viewed as healing in and. The Therapeutic Process and the Therapeutic Relationship - This essay will explore the nature of the therapeutic process; using my fifty minute long real play session with one of my colleagues.

THERAPEUTIC RELATIONSHIPS" USING THE GIBBS REFLECTIVE CYCLE WORDS This essay will explore the use of the Gibbs reflective cycle upon the development of therapeutic relationships within health and social care contexts.

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