The cyclical politics of graphic design

The Politics of Design About the Book The Politics of Design explores the cultural and political context of the typography, colours, photography, symbols, and information graphics that we use every day.

The cyclical politics of graphic design

Last year, Chobani got a new logo. Since the yogurt company was founded init had used an angular sans serif font called Broadband to adorn its plastic cups. The font was designed in at the height of the first internet boom, which made its geometric, no-nonsense demeanor perfect for the low-resolution, low-legibility screens of the time.

Inthough, it was a weird choice, especially for a yogurt.

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Maschmeyer, who co-founded the branding consultancy Collins, joined Chobani as its new chief creative officer in and got to work on a new identity. He replaced Broadband with a chubby typeface developed by Commercial Type that was meant to evoke the hand-drawn lettering out of a fairytale book.

During the design process, Maschmeyer and his team had fallen in love with folk art; more specifically, they were smitten with the handmade quality of quilted craftwork from New England.

The cyclical politics of graphic design

Four percent were neutral. But it was surprising for another reason, too. At the very least, it looked at odds with the wave of staid sans-serif logos that suddenly felt like they were everywhere. The logos, which seem to have been birthed from a lovechild of Helvetica and Futura, are all geometric vowels and sharp corners, tweaked just enough to make each feel slightly different from the next.

Vit seems to think so. You know the one: For a certain kind of business new, internet native, good at Instagram the look was almost non-negotiable.

Outdoor Voices gained traction around the same time as a handful of other direct-to-consumer brands like Everlane, Glossier, and Thinx, all of which boast the different-yet-similar stripped down look of the millennial-focused startup.

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The trend is well documented. Jart uses many of the same broad-strokes visual cues seen across contemporary beauty packaging.

The cyclical politics of graphic design

They added a wordmark in Helvetica as well as a hit of yellow to brighten it up and make it feel modern. By trying to solve a problem for the client. Right or wrong, the boring truth is that visual trends are inevitable.

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Humans flock to familiarity, and businesses, who are footing the bill for branding, like their humans ahem, customers to be happy.

This leads to an endless feedback loop where well-received designed choices for one brand get co-opted by another who is looking to replicate that same success.

With millennial minimalism, the tipping point was Airbnb, which replaced its bubbly cursive wordmark with a stark, coral alternative in By the time Google followed with a geometric rebrand a year later, the trend was in full bloom and about to wither.

Eventually, Vit believes this trend, like all trends that came before it, will grow tired. Medium If trends are inevitable, then they at least exist for a reason—be it to establish a new category of product, to give credence to legitimately good design decision, or to pay homage to long-standing design history.Installation view of ‘Hope to Nope: Graphics and Politics ’ at the Design Museum, London.

Photography: Benjamin Westoby ‘One of our main aims with “Hope to Nope” was to demonstrate that graphic design makes a demonstrable difference and to foreground its role in how people are informed, educated, entertained and provoked,’ .

Sep 07,  · The Economist offers authoritative insight and opinion on international news, politics, business, finance, science, technology and the connections between . Jun 03,  · Clean New World: Culture, Politics, and Graphic Design. By Maud Lavin. MIT Press, pages, $ We live in a world shaped profoundly by the work of graphic artists.

Graphic Design & Photoshop Projects for $ - $ Want a set of political type cartoons drawn up for circulate with flyer for election campaign and condominium complex. Analysis of Graphic Design Essay. GRAPHIC DESIGN ISP INTRODUCTION Art is a form of expression that dates back to the beginning of time.

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Since then it has evolved and changed to adapt to modern times. Whether that be through a shift in style, in medium, or technology. Graphic design, contrary to popular belief, actually began in , to . Sep 07,  · The Economist offers authoritative insight and opinion on international news, politics, business, finance, science, technology and the connections between them.

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