Supermarket business plan essays on friendship

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Supermarket business plan essays on friendship

Pichler — Biography Joseph A. Pichler Retired chairman and chief executive officer, Supermarket business plan essays on friendship Company Nationality: October 2,in St.

University of Kansas, —, assistant professor of business; —, associate professor of business; —, professor of business; —, business school dean; U.

Department of Labor, —, special assistant to the assistant secretary for manpower; Dillon Companies, —, executive vice president; —, president; Kroger Company, —, executive vice president; —, president and chief operating officer; —, chief executive officer; —, chairman.

His many acquisitions included Fred Meyer, a West Coast chain of grocery and general merchandise stores.

supermarket business plan essays on friendship

As president and COO in the late s, Pichler formulated and implemented strategies to protect Kroger from hostile takeovers by corporate raiders. Unlike most supermarket executives, Pichler did not work his way up in the business.

Rather he earned a PhD in business and spent 15 productive years in academia, including six years as dean of the University of Kansas School of Business. Pichler was a financial expert and a proponent of long-range planning. Louis, Missouri, on October 2, Between and he also served as a special assistant to the U.

He was chairman of the Kansas Manpower Services Council from until Prior to becoming a business leader, Pichler worked his way up the academic ladder at the University of Kansas. He became dean of the business school in His research focused on various issues, including studies of the adjustments made by laid-off workers following plant closures.

Pichler authored numerous articles for professional journals and wrote and edited several books on business topics. While still at the University of Kansas, Pichler joined the board of directors of the Dillon Companies of Hutchinson, Kansas, an operation that included grocery and convenience stores as well as manufacturing facilities.

He left the University of Kansas in to become executive vice president and later president of Dillon. When the Kroger Company acquired the Dillon Companies inPichler became an executive vice president of Kroger, which was based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

He became president and COO inwhen his predecessor left because of long-standing disagreements with Chairman Lyle Everingham over the company management. Founded in Cincinnati by Barney Kroger inthe Kroger Company had become the largest retail food chain in the United States, with about 3, stores.

Neighborhood Kroger supermarkets were so ubiquitous in the Midwest that "Krogering" came to mean grocery shopping at any food store. Neighborhood Kroger stores depended on the loyalty of their customers, who generally came from within a 2. Kroger store careers often lasted 40 years. Corporate raiders were going after chain-store companies, and Kroger was seen as a prime target.

Inin response to the possibility of a hostile takeover, Pichler and Everingham undertook a major restructuring of Kroger. They also stonewalled labor union demands and moved out of some areas in which labor costs could not be kept down. Prices were slashed, store formats were updated, unprofitable stores were closed, and many employees were laid off.

Kroger became one of the very few multiregional chains to survive the breakups of the s. However, in the process Kroger took on enormous amounts of debt.

More than one-third of companies that carried out leveraged recapitalizations between andborrowing against future earnings to pay a large, onetime stockholder dividend, ended up defaulting on their debt.

Furthermore, these warehouse stores sold groceries at a loss, relying on higher-margin merchandise to make up the difference, although the price wars started by the superstores affected independent stores far more than Kroger. In response to such competition, Pichler began to move Kroger toward a combination store format, adding higher-end cosmetics and perfumes, one-hour photo processing, video rentals, florists, bakeries, and delis.

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He invested in older stores in poorer inner-city neighborhoods and became involved with numerous local and national business initiatives for education. Pichler created a program for Kroger employees to volunteer at local schools.

We have to deal with people. We have to motivate and educate. We are a service industry. In order to compete with the increasing numbers of food clubs and discount retailers, in Pichler announced major cost-cutting measures. Pichler stressed efficiency but not efficiency at any cost. Pichler invested heavily in information systems.

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Free family trip papers, essays, and research papers. Encyclopedia of Business, 2nd ed.

supermarket business plan essays on friendship

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