Paper yarn

Gift-Wrapping Ideas Choose a slide Whether stacked under the tree or presented to a friend, these creatively wrapped presents set the tone for a memorable holiday gift exchange.

Paper yarn

You agree to hold Scott A. Questions Paper yarn comments should be sent to scott stolloween. The Pumpkin was originally designed as an entry into a prop building contest then evolved into the subject of several papier mache workshops and finally has become a very popular DIY Halloween project among enthusiasts.

Fill a plastic trash bag with crumpled newspaper until it is the desired size and shape for your pumpkin. Wrap twine or heavy cord around the newspaper filled bag to form ridges. Apply masking tape over the twine to further define the ridges.

Apply three or more layers of papier mache strips over the entire pumpkin. Use homemade papier mache clay to further define the ridges on the top of the pumpkin.

A stem was added by inserting a small tube of rolled up newspaper. Empty paper towel or toilet paper tubes can also be used for the stem. Apply papier mache clay to the stem and sculpt in the texture.

Keeping the pumpkin stuffed prevents collapse and distortion while adding the papier clay. Cut a hole in the bottom of the pumpkin using a sharp knife or blade. Carefully remove the crumpled newspaper and plastic bag. Draw the face pattern onto the pumpkin and cut out the eyes, nose and mouth with a sharp knife or blade.

Reinforce the eye, nose and mouth cut-out by gluing thin strips of cardboard to the inside edges of the cut out sections. Additional details such as eyeballs and teeth can be created from corrugated cardboard and glued into place.

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Use papier mache clay to add definition and details around the eyes nose and mouth. The snake was created by wrapping and taping newspaper around a piece of 14 gauge galvanized utility wire. Newspaper was added until the snake became the desired thickness. The head was created in the same manner as the heads for The Dragons.

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The snake armature was then secured to the pumpkin and a combination of papier mache strips and papier mache clay was used to sculpt the final design. The scale pattern was achieved by pressing an empty pen cap into the wet clay then distorting the pattern with my fingers.The Lester Dent Pulp Paper Master Fiction Plot: This is a formula, a master plot, for any word pulp story.

Paper yarn

It has worked on adventure, detective, western and war-air. This paper plate jellyfish craft for kids is a great summer craft. It's the perfect craft for a preschool ocean or under the sea theme.

Kindergartners will love it too.

Paper yarn

Give holiday gifts unexpected panache by using leftover yarn in place of ribbon. Wind cotton or wool yarn around presents (solid-color paper looks best) a few times for . The rise of small-scale, portable electronics and wearable devices has boosted the desire for ways to harvest energy from mechanical motion.

Such approaches could be used to provide battery-free power with a small footprint. Kim et al. present an energy harvester made from carbon nanotube yarn that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy from both torsional and tensile motion.

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