Inventory management at flame electrical

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Inventory management at flame electrical

Inventory management at flame electrical

Inventory management at Flame Electrical Inventory management in some operations is more than jus Inventory management at Flame Electrical Inventory management in some operations is more than just a part of their responsibility; it is their very reason for being in business.

It stocks over different types of lamp, which are sourced from 14 countries and distributed to customers throughout the country.

Inventory management at flame electrical

Using us they get the widest range of products to choose from, and an accurate, fast and dependable service. When a customer phones in to order, the computer system immediately accesses all this information, which is confirmed to the customer.

This leaves only the quantity of each lamp required by the customer to be keyed in. The system then generates an instruction to the warehouse to pick up and dispatch the order. This instruction includes the shelf location of each item. The system even calculates the location of each item in the warehouse which will minimize the movement of stock for warehouse staff.

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Orders for the replenishment of stocks in the warehouse are triggered by a re-order point system. The size of the replenishment order depends on the lamp being ordered. Flame prefers most orders to be for a whole number of container loads the shipping costs for part-container loads being more expensive.

However, lower order quantities of small or expensive lamps may be used.

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The order quantity for each lamp is based on its demand, its value and the cost of transportation from the suppliers. However, all this can be overridden in an emergency. If a customer, such as a hospital, urgently needs a particular lamp which is not in stock, the company will even use a fast courier to fly the item in from overseas — all for the sake of maintaining its reputation for high service levels.


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IEWC is a premier supplier of electrical wire and cable, wire management and broadcast and AV products. Thousands of items in stock and ready to ship. Answer to Inventory management at Flame Electrical Inventory management in some operations is more than just a part of their respo.

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