Hiring and retention policy and practices

A Framework for Disability Inclusion identifies seven action areas for inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace from recruiting, hiring, retaining and advancing qualified individuals. Personnel Processes Ensure Productivity: Reasonable Accommodation Procedures Build the Pipeline: Outreach and Recruitment Communicate:

Hiring and retention policy and practices

Guidelines for Hiring or Firing Employees Avoiding Employment Landmines Guidelines for Hiring Employees There are numerous Federal, State and Local rules regarding hiring employees and most large companies maintain in-house legal counsel and human resource departments to deal with these rules.

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But, if you are a small company, these are unaffordable luxuries. Therefore, General Counsel, P. Do not discriminate based on race, color, gender, religion, disability status, etc. Observe all laws relating to minimum wage, hiring young or immigrant workers.

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Follow the IRS guidelines for hiring independent contractors. Follow all IRS and State new hiring requirements. The Interview can be one of the most dangerous minefields an employer faces.

These topics should be strictly avoided, as asking questions in these areas can give applicants who are not chosen grounds for a discrimination claim.

Background checks are another large landmine that employers must treat with special care. The law varies from state to state. Some states ban all forms of background checks to prescreen applicants.

Hiring and retention policy and practices

Some states actually require extensive pre-employment screening requirements for certain professions such as schools, child care and healthcare facilities. Guidelines for Firing Employees There often comes a point in the employer-employee relationship, where the relationship begins to sour.

The employee may not be performing up to the standard expected, may be having behavioral problems or is simply unable to perform certain tasks. Even when an employee is performing well, your company may need to downsize and terminate an excellent employee.

Terminating employees is never a pleasant task, but with the guidance below, your company can avoid the employment landmines during the termination process. Do not fire an employee in anger. This may seem obvious but, in the heat of the moment, self-control is paramount.

Before discharging an employee, take time to evaluate the decision. If a company has written employment policies, including termination procedures, managers should follow them consistently. Document the reasons for discharge. An employee file should provide a meaningful history that explains the dismissal.

Whenever a termination is not documented with warnings or efforts to improve employee performance, a likely conclusion is that there was an improper motive for the decision. Offering a severance package.THE BASICS OF HIRING, FIRING AND RETENTION The Hiring Process B.

Seven steps for Hiring Success 1. Determine what is needed. Be sure the posting reflects the tasks and responsibilities. 2. Best Practices - Set out your policy in writing - Review employee handbook, manuals.

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Best practices for employee retention would be by recruiting the right person in the first place (Oracle white paper ). Organization's talent management, recruitment and retention policy and practices can significantly reduce attrition rates. Recruitment, Onboarding, & Retention: This Publication was supported by Cooperative Agreement Number U30CS from the Health Resources and Services Administration, Bureau of Primary Health Care (HRSA/BPHC).

Grads of Life's 7-Second Resumes was named a Silver winner at the Clio Awards! The Clio Awards (Clios) are the esteemed international awards competition for the creative business. Tool Kit on Recruitment & Retention in Social Services Sector Recruitment and retention are the key business strategy aspects for any company whether or .

Provider Recruitment and Retention Plan that provides: the practice opportunity and explain the recruitment process. 3) If the candidate is viable, send a recruitment packet with a sample contract and These policies and procedures are particularly important for the retention of existing providers, as well as the recruitment of new.

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