Group technology

After the sale, our technology allows for a dynamic and efficient way to deal with product administration. Our clients rely on our high level of commitment to technology as a resource to increase revenue, lower overhead and reduce their exposure to risk.

Group technology

Worldwide Brief Fingerprint analysis, often critical to successful national security operations, is labour intensive, with large sources of data either uncollected or unusable.

Group technology

These technologies are enhancing accurate data capture, boosting data processing and matching, and vastly improving the ability to make positive identifications from low quality prints and print fragments.

Taken together, they enable significant advances in criminal investigations and security operations, particularly when there are large volumes of data to be analysed.

Critically, they allow previously uncollected or unreadable data to be used, significantly improving the chances of identifying, arresting and prosecuting suspects.

This is essential to thwart Group technology by ISIS to use the Internet to recruit, plan, and direct attacks or Russian efforts to manipulate Group technology with cyber attacks and propaganda. If China becomes an adversary, it must be left in no doubt of US supremacy in sensors, communications, command and control in the event of confrontation or conflict.

Fortunately, the United States is the world leader in information technology — inventing, applying, and relentlessly refreshing it.

What began as a US-led digital revolution has become a knowledge revolution, with the US advancing in pole position.

Group technology

Thus, the very technology that is so vital in meeting threats to is one in which the United States has an inherent advantage. Though IT has clearly improved US intelligence and military capabilities thus far, we can do much better. Consequently, US forces lag the American economy and society as a whole in receiving and using the best, most innovative, most useful, and increasingly affordable IT products and services.

Reports that floppy disks are still used in critical US command and control systems are chilling. The key challenge lies in how the US Government buys equipment and services.

The problem has two parts: Acquisition reform must be sweeping, as the rules governing the procurement of ships and planes are anathema to buying information systems and services.

But it will take years to overcome political resistance and bureaucratic inertia. What of the industry itself?

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The big systems integrators play a vital role in building traditional platforms — such as ships and planes — their role and position needs to be balanced with the need for the national security community to acquire IT quickly, continuously, and economically.

US intelligence agencies have made more headway than military forces in acquiring IT precisely because they have more flexible acquisition regulations. This problem is well understood by Pentagon leaders. What is needed, then, is a new breed of IT companies to enhance the knowledge superiority of US military forces and intelligence agencies — companies that bridge the gulf between national security demand and IT supply.

Global Strategies Group | Investing in Defence and National Security

Typically, these would be small-to-medium in size, flat in structure, a bit eccentric in culture, and able to recruit, retain, and challenge the sorts of individuals who have been drawn to Google, not Government.

They must be as knowledgeable in military and intelligence missions as they are in how the next big idea from IT might help meet those missions. That said, work will not simply be handed to new breed companies. They must earn business by enabling military forces and intelligences services to create and maintain unrivalled and decisive knowledge superiority.

Gompert contributed this piece in a personal capacity, and the views expressed here are his own. Commenting on the citation, Damian Perl said: Global Strategies Group has a long history of successful ground breaking initiatives that maintain our position at the centre of national security priorities.

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I am proud of the team and of our work that continues to deliver exceptional performance and creates value for all our stakeholders.

The combination, with an approximate value of USD STG is a specialist provider supporting more than 50 US federal agencies. It operates across three key segments: GDEF was established by the leadership of Global Strategies Group, the international defense and national security company, and completed its initial public offering in October with the strategy to build a mission focused mid-tier technology provider.

I look forward to the valuable contributions they will bring as we continue to meet the changing needs of our clients.Group Technology also known as GT, is a manufacturing technology where similar parts are collectively identified and grouped to use the benefit of their relationship in design and as well as in production.

The similar parts are grouped to form part families. Global Strategies Group specialising in global defence and national security technology, software and systems. Founded by Damian Perl. Group technology or GT is a manufacturing technique [1] in which parts having similarities in geometry, manufacturing process and/or functions are manufactured in one location using a small number of machines or processes.

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