Funny science fair projects

Fun Techviews Science fair projects are thought to be the dominion of vinegar and baking soda volcanoes, but some kids take things far above and beyond. Here are 11 of the most impressive science fair projects ever. A middle school student from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania named Suvir Mirchandani wanted to come up with a way to save his school money when he realized that printer ink is twice as expensive as French perfume, so he figured out a way to use less ink in school printouts. He concluded that if his school switched to Garamond they could save over twenty thousand dollars a year in ink alone.

Funny science fair projects

Audio Speech Melodies Human speech is made up of vowels a, e, i, o, u and consonants b, c, d, f, g, etc. Consonants are typically noise-like pops, bursts of air, etc. Vowel sounds are tone-like: These pitches are produced by rapid vibrations of the vocal cord.

For adult males, the fundamental frequency of voiced speech is typically in the 85 to Hz range; for adult females, it may range from to Hz. Singing may cover a wider range. When people speak, different syllables usually have different pitches.

Funny science fair projects

As with breathing, these pitch changes are generally made unconsciously. There are gender differences in vocal pitch aside from the frequency ranges involved.

Generally speaking, males tend to speak in a somewhat more monotonic way, while women tend to make more expressive use of pitch. Some women have very melodious voices.

For example, I noticed this when listening to dialogue by the mother in the movie "As Good as It Gets", and when listening to a recording called " Radical Acceptance: Guided Meditations " by Tara Brach. In the latter recording, it seemed as if the speaker had a mental musical scale; one particular tone seemed to serve as the root or home base, with frequent excursions emphasizing the musical intervals of a fourth frequency ratio of 4: So the basic question is, why do we use pitch modulation when we speak?

Does it help transfer emotional information? If someone speaks with a very monotonic voice few pitch changeswe may think of their speech as "monotonous", which can mean either lacking in pitch variation, or lacking in variety and interest, i.

Could one design an experiment to tell whether information content is transferred more effectively with monotonic robotic voice, normal voice, exaggerated pitch changes, or random pitch changes? How do these types of pitch contours affect how the listener thinks of the speaker?

Do they make the speaker seem more sincere or likeable? Do they make the content more or less believable? Why did human speech evolve to use these pitch changes? Note that some languages, such as Chinese and Vietnamese, are "tonal", in which the same word can have different meanings depending on the pitch.

In western languages, pitch changes can emphasize certain words. Often if we repeat similar or parallel phrases, we may repeat the same pitch contour, using the pitch to highlight the similarity between the concepts.

In what other ways are pitch changes used? Does the amount of pitch modulation correlate to personality, or to psychological conditions such as depression? In songwriting, melodies are often chosen for their attractiveness, but they also need to fit the meaning of the phrase, in ways that may be difficult to define or analyze.

As a simple example, a songwriter is more likely to go up in pitch when singing the word "up", and lower in pitch for the word "down".Science Fair funny cartoons from CartoonStock directory - the world's largest on-line collection of cartoons and comics.

At a loss on how to help your kid win the day at her science fair? We love these easy experiments found on Pinterest. 11 Cool Science Fair Projects from Pinterest | Parenting.

Non-Award Winning Projects from Brilliant Science Students. Who says American school kids can’t compete with those of China and Japan? Why, just take a look at the brain power our young’uns poured into to these amazing science fair projects and you will be chanting “U.S.A.!

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Education Funny pictures about This is what happens to an egg submerged in vinegar. Oh, and cool pics about This is what happens to an egg submerged in vinegar.

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