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The Little Mermaid film Ariel first appears in The Little Mermaidin which she is shown as being adventurous and curious about the world of humans, a fascination which angers both her father King Triton and his court composer Sebastian, as merfolk are not allowed to make contact with the human world.

Ariel ad brief

The Square Four is a motorcycle that was born of a surprisingly simple idea, a motorcycle not made for racing or raw performance, although it was capable of that, but a motorcycle made for comfortable long range cruising with or without a sidecar. But over a smoke or two back before those motorcycles were thought of, Edward Turner thought of putting two parallel twins together to make a square four cylinder engine.

He used his cigarette pack to make his concept drawing whilst sitting in a cafe, presumably over a nice hot cup of tea and the last smoke out of the pack. One might wonder why an engineer would consider the complexity of making an engine twice as complicated by joining two engines together but there was indeed a method to the madness.

The result was intended to be an engine that was perfectly balanced and thus smooth. Edward Turner got busy over a drawing board with a T-square and set about proper drawings and a detailed design for this new engine which he completed in He was a fan of overhead camshafts and so he gave his new square four an overhead camshaft driven by a chain from the gear on a shaft driven by the two crankshafts.

Turner decided to try his luck approaching the major motorcycle makers to see if any would be interested in his engine design.

At BSA he was refused, but Ariel were interested with the result that in he was invited to join the Ariel staff as an engineer working alongside Bert Hopwood and under the direction of Val Page.

In his original design the Square Four engine was made in unit with a three speed gearbox which was driven from the rearmost crankshaft, keeping the whole assembly very compact. This ensured that it was a relatively easy process to go from new engine to complete prototype motorcycle.

This prototype was not to make it into production however. The reduction in engine cooling fins in particular would turn out to be a bad move indeed. The cylinders were cast en-bloc and the cylinder head was also a one piece unit. The show bike had a separate Burman four speed gearbox with hand change gear lever this would later be changed to foot control during productionand the engine was fitted into a modified Ariel SF31 cc Sloper rigid frame.

The bike used the same fuel tank and other components of the cc Sloper model, the main difference being the engine. No doubt the thinking was that they were both cc bikes so it was most economical to use shared components as much as possible. The Great Depression was underway and so economy was all important.

This is particularly impressive when you look at the list of challenges the Ariel 4F Square Four successfully completed and the margins within which it did so: Seven-hour endurance run at Brooklands: One-hour speed run at Brooklands: Seven non-stop ascents and descents of each of seven famous test hills: This involved getting seven schoolboys to kick start the Ariel Square Four seven times each.

This resulted in the engine starting on the first kick 48 out of 49 attempts. Power was thought to be a bit lacking for sidecar use however so in the engine was revised with an increase of 5 mm in bore size to bring the capacity up to cc.

Ariel ad brief

There was however room for improvement and those developments were in the pipeline. In Edward Turner became General Manager and Chief Designer of Ariel and one of the decisions he made was to fully address the overheating problem that was evident in the original 4F model.

He entrusted this work primarily to Val Page who had established a great reputation having been the designer of the J. Val Page made the significant changes to the Square Four engine needed to improve it, enlarge it, and solve the rear cylinder head overheating issue.

Val Page changed the Square Four engine by providing a cooling air channel between the front cylinders and adding fins to the cylinder head to better dissipate heat and improve air flow.Ariel is a fictional character and the title character of Walt Disney Pictures' 28th animated film The Little Mermaid ().

Ariel made a brief appearance in a TV special Sofia the First: The Floating Palace, which is part of the computer-animated television series Sofia the First.

In the special, Sofia is trying to help her mermaid friend. This is a little mermaid Ariel Short Story. Deep beneath the sea lived a mermaid named Ariel. She loved exploring her underwater home with her friend. Ariel Winter has been showcasing her workouts on Instagram. opponent's SIBLINGS to bash him in brutal campaign ad Jodie Spencer during Milan Fashion Week On a brief break from his busy.

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