Adaptation of sherlock holmes in movies

Rathbone is regarded as the Holmes of his generation. Many other films have been comedies and parodies that poke fun at Holmes, Watson, their relationship and other characters. The characters of Holmes and Watson appear infrequently, but are integral to the story. The film Without a Clue was a comedic twist on the familiar Holmes legend.

Adaptation of sherlock holmes in movies

The maverick detective has since appeared numerous times in films and on television, portrayed by a cornucopia of eccentric actors from around the world, though chiefly from Britain and America.

The iconic image of deerstalker, pipe and tweed overcoat was a gift to comedians, and consequently, Holmes has been embodied by amongst many othersBuster Keaton, Peter Cook and John Cleese. More recently, David Mitchell and Robert Webb played both Holmes and Watson in a confusing sketch where the two continually swapped roles.

Avengers star Patrick Macnee is also among a handful of actors to have played both Holmes and Watson. It was no easy task to identify a top ten. This, then, is my personal choice, so here goes… Ellie Norwood Norwood played Holmes in 47 silent films, modelling himself on the classic illustration of the detective by Sidney Paget.

A true method actor, Norwood studied the role with enormous diligence and brought a wonderful intensity to his portrayal both in film, opposite Hubert Willis as Watson, and on the stage. Although not especially well-known today, Norwood should be remembered as one of the first to establish and embody Sherlock Holmes beyond the pages of Strand magazine.

Terence Rigby played Watson in a bluff style, akin to Nigel Bruce. Arthur Wontner Arthur Wontner won the role of Holmes having played Sexton Blake, a character seen as a flattering imitation of the Baker Street detective. He appeared in five films in total between and Silver Blaze, for instance, was later retitled Murder At The Baskervilles in an attempt to draw attention away from the successful Basil Rathbone movies.

In point of fact, it can be seen as a sequel to that most famous of all Holmes stories. He made a further twelve Conan Doyle stories in Basing his portrayal very much on Basil Rathbone, he played the role with just the right measure of forensic analysis and detached composure.

Nigel Stock appeared as Watson, a role he continued to play when Douglas Wilmer handed over the deerstalker to Peter Cushing in A Game Of Shadowsthe magnetic personality of Robert Downey Jr has allowed his rather crass, cynical, yet likeable portrayal of the master detective to be enjoyed by cinema-goers across the world.

Supported by Jude Law as a rather dignified Watson, Downey Jr has made the part his own and delights a new generation of fans with his unkempt eccentricity and Tigger-like enthusiasm.

Another film will probably seal his reputation one way or the other, but it would be interesting to see him working for a different director too. With his distinctive, rather bony features, Cushing certainly looked the part, and never gave anything less than a watchable and engrossing performance.

Cushing played many iconic characters in his long career, but his take on the great detective is one of his best. Basil Rathbone Arguably the actor most commonly identified with Sherlock Holmes on film, Sir Basil Rathbone made 14 Sherlock Holmes movies between andcreating the deerstalker and cape look in the process.

Nigel Bruce played Watson in a blustering and bewildered style, which more recently has fallen by the wayside. Rathbone played Sherlock over times on radio, and he was the distinctive Holmes during the Second World War, a time when cinema truly was king.

His impact is enduring, not least on those who grew up loving the films, whether at the cinema or on television a special season was transmitted on BBC2 inwhich introduced me to the character, and aired again to celebrate the centenary in Cumberbatch eschews the deerstalker image for a long coat and scarf though his brief affection for deerstalkers was an occasional joke in series twoand nicotine patches replace the pipe.

Even purists are reconsidering things after this series, awash with GPS, texting and on-screen graphics as an integral part of the storytelling. It proves that Conan Doyle can be as relevant in as he was in the s. Jeremy Brett The sorely-missed Jeremy Brett was a genuine one-off — an actor of immense skill and intense personality.

Brett was bipolar, which heightened his mannered performance as Holmes, making his sudden flashes of manic thought, wit and melancholic malaise truly convincing. Brett filmed 41 of the Conan Doyle stories over a period of ten years. Like Ellie Norwood, Brett became obsessed with character, often taking method acting to the extreme to fully embody the spirit of Holmes.

In part, this dedication to intricate character detail contributed to his untimely death in Nearly 30 years since he first portrayed the master detective from Baker Street, Jeremy Brett is seen by many as the definitive Sherlock Holmes.Sherlock Holmes’s in the BBC adaptation is childish, enthusiastic.

For example, when Sherlock finds a dead body in “A Study in Pink”, he is a child with excitement because he believes he is after a serial killer.

Sherlock Holmes has been around for years and has had at least as many adaptations. Probably twice as many, come to think of it. And while many of the really famous Sherlock Holmes adaptations originate in the UK, there’s a whole world out there that loves Sherlock Holmes just as much.

10 Best Sherlock Holmes Film Adaptations. More than 70 actors have played the sleuth in over films. Sherlock Holmes is said to be the world's favourite character for English-language films.

Silent Films Sherlock Holmes Baffled (), Adventures of Sherlock Holmes; or, Held for Ransom (), Arsène Lupin contra Sherlock Holmes (), A Study in Scarlet (), Der Hund von Baskerville.

Three Sherlock Holmes adaptations have appeared in American newspapers.

Adaptation of sherlock holmes in movies

The first, titled Sherlock Holmes, ran from to Sherlock Holmes was drawn by Leo O'Mealia (who later drew covers for Action Comics) and distributed by the Bell Syndicate. For me the best adaptation of Sherlock Holmes is Gregory House. House M. D. - Yes. It is a loose adaptation but it does draw its essence from the works of Doyle.

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