A literary comparison of fences and the cuban swimmer

The characteristics of the play which can include the set, characters, lighting, sound, and even the performance venue are vital to the overall enjoyment of a plays production and performance. When all of these are done just right, the audience can enter a world where their emotions have the power to override reality. In the play The Cuban Swimmer by Milcha Sanchez-Scott, there are three big factors in the overall intensity of this piece of drama. These include the language and ethnics of the play, the tempo and rhythm of the play, and finally the use of religious symbolism and metaphor.

A literary comparison of fences and the cuban swimmer

This story shows that with religion a family was able to stick together. I believe this novel is very enjoyable for the fact that it gives a message and hope that no matter how hard something is as long as you have faith and believe you can accomplish it.

Margarita Suarez was a cuban girl competing in a swimming race and supporting her behind in a boat was her family. On the boat was her father who was also her coach and mentor.

A literary comparison of fences and the cuban swimmer

Her mother, younger brother and grandmother were also on the boat. In a helicopter came a newscast that just made the family feel less.

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The mom and the grandmother where praying to God for help. Margarita had to swim through the rough currents, oil spills and try to ignore the distraction of her family.

After a while, Margarita felt that she could not continue and her father pressured her to continue. Her mother, grandmother and margarita herself were praying so she could advance. It was dark at night when Margarita got lost and her family could not see her anymore.

Her father blamed himself the reporters thought she was dead and her grandmother continue to pray with faith and hope. Margarita was later found in Catalina Island; she had won the race.

I believe that the message that Scott is trying to give is that everything is possible as long as you have faith and hope. It really surprised me that the news cast gave up on Margarita and believe she was death, but all the family was still praying.

I believe that Scott did this in order to demonstrate how the family stick together with hope on finding her as well as that she was going to win the race with the help from God. What happen to Margarita was a miracle thanks to the faith and hope her family carry.

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I think the fact that the family was always together and strongly believe in God was used to get the message through. That way people could see that as long as one has faith and hope everything is possible. By the way that they portray the characters as spiritual gives this play a big suspense that makes it even more interesting.

Margarita is a nineteen year old girl that is participating in a race that involves swimming from San Pedro to Catalina Island through the Pacific Ocean. Swimming in the open water can be extremely dangerous yet we see how all her family especially her father encouraged her to swim and finish the race.

Margarita Sanchez-Scott used this play to emphasize the dangerous and difficult journey Cubans go through as they try to enter America by crossing the ocean. The play takes place in the midpoint of San Pedro and Catalina.

Margarita is swimming as her father yells at her through a megaphone so she can keep a pace. Soon a helicopter appears and we find out that margarita is being recorded for an American TV channel.

The reporters refer to Margarita as an amateur which makes all of margaritas family angry specially her father who more than anyone wants for margarita to finish the race. Margarita hits an Oil spill and is extremely tired to the point of hallucination yet her father never lets her get out of the water.

While all of Margaritas family are arguing with each other,Margarita disappears. With no sign of Margarita anywhere her family fear the worst.

For many Cubans the only way to get into America is by sea. For them leaving everything behind in Cuba like their homes and belongings is no problem, because they think that none of that would matter ones they get to American.

Cubans come in small boats or swimming just like Margarita did, and just like Margarita these people get tired and put their lives at risk.

A literary comparison of fences and the cuban swimmer

Just like all of Margaritas family was there to support her during the race, many of Cuban families encourage their young family members to leave Cuba in search of a better life in America.

It is crazy how people can put their life at risk just to get a better living. I can just imagine how much courage and hopes all these people have to be able to embark such a difficult journey. This Play made me think how lucky some of us are but yet we are never happy with what we have.

I would encourage everyone to read this play, it is short but the meaning behind it is an eye opener. From something very simple as thinking that we are not capable of going through a complicated situation to something more complex as making a dream come true.

This story narrates what a nineteen-year-old swimmer and her family had to go throug How many times have we let our mind take over our actions and important decisions to make in life? This story narrates what a nineteen-year-old swimmer and her family had to go through in order to win a long distance race from San Pedro to Santa Catalina Island in the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Margarita, the swimmer, was always supported by her dad and coach, Eduardo. Her brother, Simon and her mom and grandmother, Aida and Cecilia, make appearance in the story too. This is a very good story that makes us think about how sometimes we need to force our mind into positive thoughts to accomplish our goals.

In contrast the other family members and the press were being negative and tried to put her down even before trying.Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin The Cuban Swimmer "She wants to quit, can't you see she's had enough?" Milcha Sanchez-Scott Play Summary Classical Element Arguments in family Struggle with self.

Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and Writing, 13th Edition. This title is currently unavailable on myPearsonStore. We recommend Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and Writing, MLA Update Edition, 13th Edition as a replacement. Do you mean "The Cuban Swimmer" by Milcha Sanchez-Scott?

If you do, The Cuban Swimmer is an experimental play in both form and style. Start studying World Lit Midterm Review. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

This lesson will compare and contrast two of the greatest works of modern American drama: Arthur Miller's ''Death of a Salesman'' and August Wilson's ''Fences''.

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